Meet Mr Siddarth

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Hello! Thank you for visitng my page and congratulations to you on your decision to join my team.

You have the talent and the wisdom that comes with experience. While in a job, you have to follow the dictat of others and hence your creativity could have been stifled. Unleash your creativity now and you will enjoy what you will be doing as my team member. Here’s wishing you for a great, funfilled and fruitful journey to success and all that you dream of.

Joining my team requires that

  1. You decide the way you work, the hours you work and the goals for you to reach.
  2. There are absolutely no targets, no sales.
  3. Depending on your performance, you get recognition, awards and rewards besides finaicial compensation for your time.
  4. The more people you help, the more pleasure you get and better rewards to you by way of travel opportunities.

To know more about how you can help yourself and others,

Please take the Pre-recruitment survey here.

In case you need additional information or any special query,

You may write to me in confidenc to


giving full details and the recent c.v

It does not matter where you are currently located and you can start your new career from wherever you are.

Let’s meet soon